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How Much Does it Cost?   

What you need to pay is divided into three parts:  Training Prices; Required PADI Materials; and PADI fees. 


                                                               Americas                   /                      EMEA
1- Training Prices
EFR Instructor 
MSDT Preparation

IDC Staff Instructor            

2- Required PADI Materials
In addition, you will need to pay for your PADI materials, as follows:


                                                                      Americas                   /                      EMEA

     IDC Digital Crew Pack*                                     U$
EFR Instructor Manual                                           U$                                                 

IDC Staff Instructor Crew Pack                             U$


*(Your digital IDC Crewpack includes access to your eLearning and other digital learning tools and instructor materials, plus your in-water teaching slates for the core PADI courses that you will use during and after your IDC)
3- PADI Fees (these are the prices for 2024):
Please note that the following PADI fees will be paid directly to PADI AMERICAS at the Instructor Examination Day via credit card or bank transfer.


                                                                                              Americas                   /                      EMEA 
· Instructor Development Course application                     U$
· EFRI application                                                                     U$                                  
· Instructor Examination fee                                                  U$
· Specialty Instructor applications (with MSDT Prep)         U$ per Specialty  

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