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Do you want to change your lifestyle? Do you want to escape from stress and routine of regular 9am to 5pm – office style work?  Do you want to become a PADI Divemaster or a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor?


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for considering PADI for your professional dive training. PADI is, in my opinion, by far the largest dive training agency in the world!

We also want to THANK YOU for your interest in our PADI GoPRO Divemaster / Instructor Development Training Courses


The GoPRO Divemaster and/or IDC - Instructor Development Course is your gateway for building a successful career doing what we love: diving, travelling and meeting new cultures! Choosing learning environment is the first step.

 It is normal having many questions before take the decision; please see below some common inquiries. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can, so please do feel free to contact me directly using  gopro@leosaldunbidescd.com or by skype: saldunbides. 


Cabo Verde is still considered a relatively new dive destination in Western Africa, and Cabo Verde Diving Center & Cabo Verde Diving SCUBA Academy is a well-established PADI Divecenter in Cape Verde.


# Can I help out the day-by-day dive operations during  my GoPRO PACKAGE / MSDT Internship ?


YES, as long as we have space on board during our dive trips! The main reason you are choosing to start your career with PADI is no doubt because, like us, you love diving and we expect you to dive, help out the dive operation and learn as much as you can throughout your GoPRO PACKAGE / MSDT INTERNSHIP.


# Accommodation Options during my GoPRO PACKAGE?


We offer all internship candidates a shared (hostel style) apartment. If you prefer your privacy, we will advise you according to your needs and preferences. We do have many options and partnerships ranging from 5 stars Resorts to Hostels and private Apartment Rentals (starting from 12 euros per day ).

# How long will my GoPRO Divemaster or IDC take?


The Divemaster Course ITSELF only  will take approximately 2 weeks with the e-Learning method, and 3 weeks with regular method.  

The whole IDC / EFRI program takes approximately 14 days, which includes the Emergency First Response and Care for Children Instructor courses, a thorough review of your Open Water Course diving skills and a review preparation to upgrade your Divemaster DIVE THEORY knowledge to the level required to pass the IE. This is longer than other IDCs but ensures that the days are short and relaxed, giving you plenty of time to prepare your own presentations or go diving, go surfing/kite-surfing or just relax in our lovely beaches. After you have completed the IDC you will attend the PADI I.E, which is normally spread over 2 days.


# How big will my IDC class be?


We are always aiming at giving our candidates the best possible experience and that includes small groups of usually maximum 8 candidates per Course Director / IDC Staff Instructor, which ensures you get the personal service you are paying for.


# Can I take Specialty Instructor Training Courses after my IDC/IE?


YES, i strongly recommend it!!!


Being able to teach specialty courses gives you the chance to pursue your own interests and definitely makes you more employable. We offer wide range of specialties, including the 6 most popular Deep diver, Drift diver, Multilevel diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Enriched Air OR Night diver and Wreck diver in our Platinum Package – MSDT Preparation.


The PADI Specialty Instructor Courses Sidemount diver and Diver Propulsion Vehicle diver have different prices and extra costs and are taught on demand afterwards.


Our Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Preparation Program is designed to be totally flexible and run alongside your OPTIONAL two to six week internship and includes the chance to earn your first student certifications. MSDT Preparation includes minimum 5 PADI Specialty Instructor Training Courses and their appropriate dives (choose from Deep diver, Drift diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Enriched Air diver , Night Diver, Search & Recovery diver and Wreck diver).

You can apply to PADI to become a MSDT Instructor once you have attained 25 student certifications at any level. The main benefit to you as a PADI Instructor is that you can vary your work from teaching “main-spine” core courses and programs and earn more teaching commissions. Specialty Diver certifications are essential if you intend to become a DSAT Tec Deep Instructor or PADI Master Instructor/Course Director.

Many employers insist on MSDT as a minimum rating in order to be considered for a job position. If taught by a PADI Course Director, you may begin certifying specialty divers immediately after paying to PADI the Specialty Instructor processing fees and receive the authorization from your PADI office, rather than waiting until you have certified 25 divers first. PADI application fees are also MUCH cheaper if you attend specialty courses with a PADI Course Director. Additionally, only 10 logged specialty dives are required per rating, rather than 20. Please refer to our IDC PLATINUM package below.

Once you pass the IE you will be qualified to teach all core PADI courses (e.g. Discover SCUBA Diving, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Divemaster) as well as the following specialties: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE and AWARE Coral Reef Conservation. These three specialties do not count towards the five required for MSDT.


# Can I team teach with experienced instructors at CABO VERDE DIVING after my IDC to get experience?


Yes! We offer all our  Platinum Package candidates a free UP to six weeks internship and for Gold Package candidates a free two week internship where you can work alongside our experienced instructors gaining further valuable real world teaching tips (with the chance to earn your first certifications).


# How much does the IDC Packages cost?

 We offer 3 different IDC packages to suit most candidate’s needs:

 IDC Basic e- Learning Package

 IDC Gold e-Learning Package

 IDC Platinum e-Learning Package


1- IDC Basic e-Learning Pack – 1300 euros


2 days FREE instructor preparation to refresh OW dive skills and dive theory knowledge

 IDC live presentations portion with additional in-water workshops on the more tricky skills.

EFR Instructor course

Online mentoring support (skype / e-mail)

IDC t-shirt

Free tanks, weights and belt during IDC

Accommodation in a shared apartment (candidates only pay for expenses of water and electricity bills)


NOT Included:

PADI application fees (refer to PADI EMEA Application fees)

IDC online presentations – e-Learning

IDC , Specialty Instructor and EFR Instructor REQUIRED manuals and materials


Transport to and from the divecenter

Restaurant drinks and food.



IDC e-Learning GOLD Pack —  1400 euros


IDC e-Learning Basic  plus content

Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor Training Course

EANx - Enriched Air Specialty Instructor Training Course*

Five weeks team-teaching internship (start team-teaching—min. certs not guaranteed)

Lunch in the resort at the employees canteen

Accommodation in a shared apartment

Transport to and from the dive center during the internship


NOT Included:

PADI fees (detailed below)

PADI IDC online presentations – e-Learning

IDC and EFRI manuals and materials


IDC e-Learning  PLATINUM Pack  —  1550 euros


IDC e-Learning Basic content plus:

Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor Training Course

EANx Specialty Instructor Training Course*

MSDT Preparation (Specialty Instructor Ratings Deep\Wreck\ Night\Drift\Search & Recovery).  

Up to 9 weeks team-teaching internship (start team-teaching— min. certs not guaranteed)

Lunch in the resort at the employees canteen

Accommodation in a shared apartment

Transport to and from the dive center during the internship


NOT Included:

PADI application fees (refer to PADI EMEA application fees)

PADI IDC online presentations – e-Learning

IDC, Specialty Instructor and EFRI manuals and materials


-  The Gold / Platinum Packs Internships will give you the chance to earn your first certifications (NO minimum certifications guaranteed). ONLY 5 Internship places available per IDC. If you can commit yourself

* MUST have EANx diver certification.


# What else will I have to pay for?


PADI will not process your OWSI Applications without the hologram sticker (CODE Number from CD manual for IDCS applications) from inside PADI’s Guide to Teaching, which ships with the IDC Crew-pack. From 1 August 2013, PADI will not process IDC Staff Instructor Applications without the registration number CODE that ships with the PADI Course Director Manual. We do NOT include the required IDC Crew-pack or EFRI and Care for Children Instructor Manual as many people prefer to bring their own materials. (Most Instructor Development Centers do not include these either). Also, we want to give you the best available deal and this might mean buying your own materials back home for a better price than we can acquire them in here in Cape Verde. Additionally, this will of course give you chance to prepare yourself better. However, if you prefer, we can order the materials for you (inquire prices) for the IDC full Crew-pack and the EFRI Manual.

If you may have any questions about what materials are required, please just let us know as well if you prefer the IDC e-Learning option.

There are other fees that you will need to pay directly to PADI (by credit card or wire transfer) and not to us. This includes the IE fee, IDC fee and EFRI fee Applications. Also the Specialty Instructor application fee for those attending the Specialty Instructor/MSDT preparation option.

Note that each Specialty Instructor Application incurs a further one-off fee to PADI.

Your annual PADI fees DO NOT increase with the number of specialties you are authorized to teach or whether you are MSDT or IDCS.

If you do not want to bring your equipment, you can rent this from us. The rental cost is 10 euros per day of use and includes BCD, regulators, wetsuit, mask, dive computer, snorkel and fins.


# Equipment Needed?:

Complete SCUBA Equipment plus PADI requires you to have the following additional equipment: dive computer, snorkel; whistle and underwater sound device; compass; dive knife; DSMB = Delayed Surface Marker Buoy; reel OR spool and underwater watch or timing device with seconds displayed as some skills are precisely 30 or 60 seconds (a dive computer is OK only if one can see seconds in dive mode or if dive mode can be disabled, otherwise a cheap waterproof watch is fine). You can also rent your equipment (upon request).


# What’s the investment in the PADI Required Materials:


IDC Crew Pack FULL – 506 Euros + shipping to your country*

EFR Instructor (paper or digital) – 99 Euros + shipping to your country*

IDC e-Learning portion – 97 Euros*


  • OBS.:  PADI EMEA fees will be paid by candidates directly to PADI EMEA by credit card or wire transfer only in the 1st day of the Instructor Examination - I.E.



# What PADI EMEA 2019 fees should I pay and WHEN?

Instructor Examination - I.E. Fee - 595 Euros (Non E.U. citizens) / E.U. citizens - check with PADI EMEA**

IDC  Fee - 207 Euros**

EFR Instructor Fee - 129 Euros**

Specialty Instructor Fee (CD Trained) / EACH - 48 Euros **(for those doing the Specialty Instructor Courses)

Project AWARE card donation - 10 Euros


 PADI EMEA fees mentioned above will be paid by IDC successful candidates directly to PADI EMEA by credit card or wire transfer only in the 1st day of the Instructor Examination - I.E.


**PRICES 2019*


# How do I get to Sal Island?

It’s really easy! Sal is one of the main touristic island of the Archipelago and has an international airport (SID). We can arrange private transfers from the airport to Santa Maria, if you wish (20 euros)


# What language will my IDC be ?


The IDC itself will be taught in English, but we do have multilingual IDC Staff available in the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.


# Can I have my PADI required materials in my own language?


YES. If available at PADI EMEA.



# What else I should know?


Medical Clearance

You will need to have a current Medical Certificate completed and signed by an independent physician, confirming they find NO conditions they consider incompatible with diving.  I would strongly recommend that you obtain this before you come and e-mail it to me for verification. Please find attached the current version of the preferred format in English. We are happy to send you this in another language if you wish. It must be completed no more than 12 months prior to the final day of your IE.

# IDC / I.E. Prerequisite certifications?: 

# Open Water Diver or equivalent (must be at least 6 months old);

# Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent;

# Rescue Diver or equivalent

# EFR Primary Care (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation—CPR) & Secondary Care (First Aid) or equivalent valid within 24 months;

#Leadership level - Divemaster or equivalent;

# Proof of 100 logged dives;

# Divemaster Prerequisite certifications?:


# Open Water Diver or equivalent 

# Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent;

# Rescue Diver or equivalent

# EFR Primary Care (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation—CPR) & Secondary Care (First Aid) or equivalent valid within 24 months;

# Proof of 40 logged dives;

# 18 years old;



# Dive Theory Exams


The IDC/Instructor Examination has a Dive Theory Exams segment.

My preferred resource for you to prepare with before your arrival is PADI’s Diving Knowledge Workbook, which is shipped with the PADI Instructor Crew-pack. This contains a chapter for each topic, being Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills & the Environment and Decompression Theory & the PADI Recreational Dive Planner (RDP).

Each chapter consists of questions with worked answers. PADI’s Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving is excellent to dip into for further information and is shipped with the PADI Divemaster Crew-pack. You must possess an original RDP table and electronic multilevel eRDPML or e-RDLML Touch, together with both Instructions for Use booklets, which again contain worked examples.

If you have a learning disability and have a letter documenting this from your doctor (or psychologist), then you will be allowed 50% extra time to complete your written exams. 

Please note that, apart from our pre-IDC preparation days, dive theory is NOT taught as part of the PADI IDC – though it’s thoroughly reviewed. If you took the new curriculum or maybe it was a long time since you took the old Divemaster course, we can give you some tips and suggestions to enable you to study and get your theory reviewed before the IDC.




# General useful information


Please bring some passport photos with you (no hat, dark glasses or SCUBA mask and not underwater).

You will need a LAPTOP computer, among other things, to read digital versions of the PADI Instructor Manual, EFR Instructor Manual and PADI’s Guide to Teaching, which are necessary for the PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures Examination, one of your IE segments. I DO NOT recommend a tablet! But it's your decision.


Please send me a copy/proof of a log book page documenting you have the minimum required number of prerequisite logged dives for the PADI GoPRO Training you are applying for. 


Another great tip is starting your studies well in advance. I strongly advise you DIVE THEORY online, epecially if you are quite "rusted" on Diving Theory (question on purchasing, just contact me), The Encyclopedia Of Recreational Diving along with The Diving Knowledge workbook AND remake all OLD Divemaster Course (prior 2009) exams.


There are a limited number of spaces available on each IDC and in order to reserve your place we require a 50% deposit, which can be made by wire bank transfer. Bookings prior minimum 3 months in advance from IDC starting date, you get 10% discount on courses regular prices (Not valid for PADI required materials & fees and equipment rental if applies).


Balance tuition payments MUST be done maximum 2 weeks PRIOR the course start date - GoPRO Divemaster / IDC Training (Not for Internship Option).


I hope that this answers many of your questions, but of course if you need any more information to be able to consider things properly, then just drop me an email. I am always available to answer any questions you may have, however seemingly insignificant, so you arrive as prepared and therefore as much confident as possible.

Hope to see you soon in one of our GoPRO Training Courses / Internships !

Leo Saldunbides - PADI Platinum Course Director # 184808


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